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Saving Lives and Supporting Development for Cambodia

CMAC Building, Road Duong Ngeap,
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  • Cambodian Students​​​ Visited the Demining Operation at CMAC
    Date: Friday Jun 27, 2014
    Fifty students coming from two different universities have a minefield trip in order to learn of and get experiences of demining operation in Cambodia while Cambodia is regarded as a successful Country in demining operations and UXO clearance.

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  • CMAC Received Fund to Support the ERW Clearance Project at the Eastern Part of Cambodia
    Date: Friday May 02, 2014
    In the morning of 2nd May 2014, the grand aid of USD 1,761,394 from the US Ministry of Foreign Affair was handed over to Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) through the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

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  • One More Mine Detection Dog Arrived CMAC
    Date: Thursday Mar 20, 2014
    Fifty-one demining dogs imported from abroad are being used by Cambodia Mine Action Centre (CMAC) in order to help clear the mines and UXO that have been hidden in the ground since the war period, and those mines and UXO are killing both young and old Cambodian people and is the obstacle for country’s development. Mr. Hong Rith, MDD Officer, says when coming to get the dog at Phnom Penh International Airport that a demining dog sent here this time is the second time for the plan asking for 18 more dogs in 2014.

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  • The US To Increase Aid To Cambodia For Mine Clearance Along Cambodia-Vietnam Borders
    Date: Thursday Feb 27, 2014
    The US decided to increase aid to CMAC nearly twice times to strengthen the cooperation to clear the Explosive Remnants of War (ERW), which is the legacy of war between Vietnam and the US in Cambodia’s provinces adjacent to the borders.

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The Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) is Cambodia’s leading demining organization, working in the key areas of Survey and Land Release, Mine and UXO Clearance, Mine and UXO Risk Education and Training, Research and Development. CMAC currently has 1,715 staff across Cambodia, including a national office in Phnom Penh, six provincial demining units and a Training Centre in Kampong Chhnang, working towards the mission of "Saving lives and Supporting Development for Cambodia". Read More